Sumbul Collection Vol 2 Eid Wear 2017 Rujhan Fabric by Kamran SK

Sumbul Collection Vol 2 Eid Wear 2017 Rujhan Fabric by Kamran SK (10)Rujhan Fabrics brings this Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid Festive style in dress line for women. Just now, Rujhan Fabrics has launched its summer and eid festive new addition. This is “Rujhan Fabric Eid Collection Sumbul Vol 2” exclusively introduced by Rujhan Fabrics. In this Sumbul Collection, women can find the art of fashion. In this volume 2 eid collection, you can find neckline dresses, formal and embroidered dresses, long shirts, a-line shirts with trouser. It is beautiful colors  and all dresses. This dress has embellished with embroidery and prints both. This collection is best for casual and party wear in summer season. So, if you want to wear casual wear and party wear dresses you should check this Eid collection Sumbul vol 2 by Rujhan Fabrics made have been wonderful with the use of stitching that is all may on the front and back sides of the shirts that is allowing the collection to come out and good – looking great. Rujhan Fabric Eid Collection Sumbul Vol 2 now in stores and available online. For details and purchase please visit your nearest store or visit our website

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