Nimsay Unstitched Winter Series Collection 2018 with Prices

Piece: 3 Piece Material: Shirt Khaddar, Trouser Khaddar, Shawl Price: Rs. 5800/-


This collection is offering you semi stitched 3 piece suits in chiffon fabric to make Nimsay Unstitched Winter Series Collection best choice of the fall season. Piece: 3 Piece Material: Shirt Khaddar, Trouser Khaddar, Shawl, Shirt Linen, Trouser Linen, Dupatta Linen is mild and gentle in the texture and offers very sensitive essence to your body while wearing it and on the other hand, Unstitched Winter Series ideal to wear in the festive occasions.Order online now from  or rush to your nearest Nimsay stores!


                      LUXURY WINTER SERIES 2018

                        STYLE WINTER SERIES 2017

                    ROYAL WINTER SERIES 2018

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