Junaid Jamshed Launches Jazaa Foods Rice Brand

Junaid Jamshed Launches Jazaa Foods Rice Brand (2) Karachi leading Pastor Junaid Jamshed propelled the garments brand J. dot subsequent to beginning another business, the JAZAA FOODS from 5 distinct sorts of rice.Junaid Jamshed Launches Jazaa Foods Rice Brand (4)Pakistan has been presented in the worldwide business sector with the worldwide business sector reward has been depicted as amazingly weakness.That can bring about broad development of the commercial center in the wholesale merchants who sit over the most minimal cost recipe market in Pakistan reward Foods Chief Executive Ali Jabbar said. Open rice contributes 96% of India business sector brand are not very many organizations in the rice market and their importance on the fare of rice to get more benefit and we dispatched the Jazaa Foods to fill the same space that make the greatest test for us is the best assortments of rice.

Jazaa Foods Director Junaid Jamshed said. After the rice to make them the most ideal approaches to present business sector clearing cost was the fundamental test.Judgment Elite Steam rice cost Rs 199, Rs 170 earned premium basmati, rice Golden Rice Rs 160 kg, Basmati rice cost 140 for every kg and economy have been designated Rs 110 for each kg, he said. For details and purchase please visit your nearest store or visit our website Jamshed Launches Jazaa Foods Rice Brand (1)


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