How Foods Effects On Your Body Shape

How-foods-effects-on-your-body-shapeAs you know that every one is conscious about their body shape. If want to have a good shape, we will need to do some change in our diet. Diet directly effects on our body shape. Every food has different effects on your body shape. Actually food does change in it after it goes in our body. So it is good for you to know that what happens during digestive process. Your food choice really directly effects to your body shape.

Today we are going to tell you that which food changes your body in which shape.

Food consists of meat, chicken and eggs changes into amino acids after digestion. These types of foods help you to gain muscles in couples of days. So it is best food for those who do workouts and go to gym. It will really help you to gain powerful muscles.

When you eat vegetables they turn into energy and fiber after digestion process. Vegetables help your body to have strength in your muscles and give you efficiency in your workouts.

Fast foods like burger, cold drinks, fried chicken and chips turn into fatty acids during digestion process. It will turn into fat that give an extra mass to your body. It will give you a great tummy. Every one hates to have big tummy so they do abdominal exercises to decrease tummy. But they don’t do think while eating these type of food which are the reason of their fat abdomen.

Oily foods changes into vital molecules which turn into good cholesterol. You should eat oily foods in limited amount that are suitable for your body because excess of these foods can cause high cholesterol diseases.

Foods like pasta, rice, maize, whole or cracked wheat, pulses, lentils, chickpeas, dried peas and beans and other foods such as peas and potatoes turn into sugar after digestion and are big cause to give you fat on your body. So you should care when you eat these foods.Now you have complete knowledge about the how foods effects on your body after you eat. You can select the best one that is perfect for you to eat.

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