Happy Lohri Festival & Happy New Year Parties

Happy Lohri Festival  (3)Not many festivals fall in the month of January, yet it makes for one memorable month. Some like it for the memorable New Year parties, some remember it for the vacations, some enjoy the shopping season. But, one thing which the entire northern India looks forward to is, Lohri festival. It is one of the most special one for every Punjabi family, especially if they have welcomed a new bride in their house or if there’s been birth of a baby boy in the family.Happy Lohri FestivalLohri has always had different theories attached to the origin of it, but it’s generally accepted as a harvest festival. It marks the end of winter season and the fields boast of wheat crops, which is a primary crop grown in North India. It is also a festival dedicated to fire and the sun god. It marks the time when sun shines from “uttrarayan” and starts to move northwards. This lessens the severity of winter season, the fire also symbolizes the sun and is seen as a source of energy and spiritual strength.

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We can say that observation is a dual celebration of annual harvest and worshipping the sun god. On the 13th of January, a bonfire is lit to combat the chilly weather and people sing and dance around it. The bonfire is worshiped as a deity with offerings of peanuts, popcorn and sweets that are made of til, gajak and revri.

Happy Lohri Festival  (2)


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