Crimson Luxury Lawn Collection 2018 by Saira Shakira

Always at the forefront of innovation, Crimson Luxury Lawn by Saira Shakira presents A Mughal Backyard. The indigenous meets the contemporary in signature Saira Shakira style – the gold print shirt is accentuated with a modern take on Mughal imagery and the hand woven dupatta is beautifully accentuated with ghaara embroidered bootis. This is Lawn at it’s Finest! Art Nouveau patterns meet realism in A Medley of Lines. The design juxtaposes gorgeous botanical imagery with linear embroidery, includes bold chamoise appliques set inside embroidered patterns and is finished off with beautiful lace borders. A gorgeous juxtaposition of botanical imagery and linear patterns, A Medley of Lines is sure to take your breath away. Intricately crafted, modern and absolutely beautiful, A Medley of Lines will take your breath away. The countdown to the year’s most awaited lawn has started! A Mughal Backyard modernises indigenous imagery in a way that is true to signature Saira Shakira style. Crimson Luxury Lawn by Saira Shakira is thrilled to be at the forefront of innovation in technique and design. It is our commitment to bring the best of design to the high street collection after collection, year after year. From the gold print shirt to the indigenous-meets-quirky embroidery and the ghaara embroidered finishes, everything about this is sheer perfection! We love everything about this modern-meets-indigenous design and that hand woven dupatta with ghaara bootis has our heart! Pre-booking starts on March 26th at 11PM iA at

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