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liberty-university.150xColleges and universities work hard to convince prospective students to invest their time, talent, and money in them. So to help you see beyond the buzz word-fueled recruiting brochures and advertisements, we provide independent evaluations of online colleges and degree programs based on publicly available data and research to highlight those schools that offer a high-quality, reputable education at a reasonable cost.Foremost, to even get on our rankings, schools must be a four-year, bachelor’s degree-granting liberal arts college or university in the United States, with at least one top 50 ranking in another major ranking system in the last year. This ensures a base level of reputability and recognition. From there, we ranked the institutions based on their economic value, academic quality, and student satisfaction. Economic value took into consideration such factors as the real cost of the school, with schools with a lower tuition ranking higher, and the median starting salary and the median mid-career salary of graduates, to get a sense of the economic payoff of a school’s degree.

Academic quality was determined by a school’s acceptance rate, with the understanding that the more selective a college is, the higher caliber its students, and student-to-faculty ratio, with rankings favoring schools with a lower ratio of students to faculty. And student satisfaction was determined by looking at enrollment rate, retention rate, and six-year graduation rate, with a higher rating for each considered an indicator of student satisfaction. The exact methodology varies from ranking to ranking, but you can get an idea by looking at our list of the 50 Best Colleges and Universities.

No ranking system is perfect — a factor we put more weight on, such as real cost, for instance, may be less important to a prospective student than, say, acceptance rate. That is why we strive to be open and transparent about the data and methodology we use so applicants can make a decision based on what’s right for them. We also encourage you to include our resources as just one part of your college search process — but one you can keep coming back to throughout your academic career. With that, here is the latest list of our college rankings, broken down by category:

Featured Rankings

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10 Biggest Private School Bargains

10 Biggest Public University Bargains

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Online Rankings

Below we’ve listed out our online college rankings according to degree level. The first section consists of overall school rankings according to various criteria.

– Overall –

Top 20 Online Colleges

Most Affordable Online Colleges & Universities

Top 10 Online Christian Colleges & Universities

Top 10 Online Catholic Colleges & Universities

10 Most Popular Online Degrees

– Bachelor’s Programs-

Top 10 Online Bachelor of Criminology Degree Programs

Top 10 Online Bachelor of Nursing (RN to BSN) Degree Programs

Top 9 Online Bachelor of Health Management Degree Programs

Top 8 Online Communication & Public Relations Bachelor’s Degree Programs

– Master’s Programs-

12 Best Online MBA Degree Programs

10 Best Online Master’s of Criminal Justice (MCJ) Degree Programs

Top 10 Online Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree Programs

Top 10 Online Master’s in Counseling Degree Programs

Top 10 Online Master’s of Health Administration Degree Programs

Top Online Communication and Public Relations Master’s Degree Programs

Top 9 Online MSW Programs

– Mixed Level Rankings –

Top 9 Online Medical Coding & Billing Programs

Top 10 Online IT Degree Programs

9 Best Colleges for Online Psychology Degrees

Top 10 Online Schools for Computer Science Degrees

Top 10 Online Degrees In Public Health

Top 10 Online Colleges For Accounting Degrees

Top 10 Ranked Online Degree Programs In Social Work

Top 10 Online Colleges for Graphic Design

Top 10 Online Colleges for Psychology Degrees

Top 10 Online Colleges for Health Degrees

Top Ranked Online Medical Assistants Schools

Top 10 Online Colleges For Public Administration

Top 10 Online Real Estate Degree Programs

Top 10 Online Colleges for Teaching Degrees

Miscellaneous College Rankings

15 Best College Movies

10 Easiest & Hardest Majors

Blog Rankings

Top 50 Video Game Design Blogs

Top 50 Statistics Blogs

Top 25 Business and Entrepreneurship Blogs

Top 25 Psychology Blogs

Top 30 Archaeology Blogs

Top 25 History Blogs

Top 25 Management and Leadership Blogs

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