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                                                    Amherst College

This little liberal arts college is as liberal with its academics as it is with its financial aid, allowing students to take whatever courses they want and in any order, while guaranteeing to meet all demonstrated financial need through grants and scholarships.

The town of Amherst, MA is located in the “happy valley” region known for its highly educated, artistically inclined and socially progressive population.

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  • Private Liberal Arts College
  • Fringe Town
  • 1,7448:1


  • Acceptance Rate: 15%
  • SAT 25th-75th percentile: 2020-2310
  • ACT 25th-75th percentile: 30-34


  • Median age: 21.8
  • Median household income: $49,187
  • Cost of living index: 112.6
  • College degreed: 68.7%
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