Al-Zohaib Wintry Breeze Embroidered Jacquard Linen/Twil linen Shirt Embroidered/Dyed Linen Trousers With Shawl

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Al-Zohaib Wintry Breeze Embroidered Collection (1)Latest Breeze Collection By Al-Zohaib Textile is remembered to entrance the ladies in winter season. Ladies can get Al-Zohaib Wintry Breeze Shawl Dresses from November at all driving storage facilities. Al-Zohaib Textile Wintry Breeze Collection has exhibited everlasting outlines, prints and examples for winter. Al-Zohaib Textile Wintry Breeze Collection brings 3 pieces suits which incorporates jacquard cloth and twill material shirts that are weaved alongside weaved colored cloth trousers and shawl are set with them. Al-Zohaib Embroidered Linen Kurti with Embroidered/Printed Trouser open every single driving store from sixteenth November. Al-Zohaib Winter Embroidered Tunic Collection latest arrangements for women dwell in stores now. Al-zohaib Embroidered material Kurti with Printed/weaved trouser open At Leading Stores from eighteenth November. Al-zohaib Embroidered Jacquard Linen/Twil material Shirt with Embroidered/Dyed Linen Trousers and warm winter Shawls. Clients require sharp challenges that should interesting and specific Seems If you wear. Cold Breeze is entirely beneficial orientation and must be said in a limited ability to focus with the cautious work. This time for the winter season, the hold-up is over and Al-Zohaib Textiles had the Wintry Breeze Collection for your winter season driven cleaned with New Color structures and incomprehensible mix. Conglomeration is identifying with the organizing Wintry Breeze Shawl in exquisite pieces of clothing. Broad portions of the new mixes are united with the best approach outlining.

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